16 oct. 2017

Find your French ancestors : A new articles serie

source : anglais5minutes.fr
In the practice of genealogy, what I prefer are the riddles to be solved. How often have I found a way to access the answer on the foreign language site, or at least the document that would allow me to find it. When the site is in English, we can manage to read the articles and the site. But how to understand where to look for, how are the archives consulted?

I like to learn new things and to acquire new skills and to teach allows to deepen our knowledge. So I decided to write articles to help anglophones understand how and where to look for their French ancestors. As I also like the challenges, I undertake to publish a minimum article per week on this subject. How do search sites work, what can you find? What are the tricks and sites specific to French history, geography and culture that can make it possible to find information?

All these and many other questions will be addressed in this new series of articles, based on real research.

See you soon for new, enriching and practical articles to help you find your French ancestors.

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